Who We Are

The team at Upendo is a diverse group of individuals with deep compassion for all things Upendo. We pursue our work with love and affection just as the name connotes. A team born from early childhood abuse, adversity, trauma, alcohol, and substance abuse, with the resolve to broadcast that simply because too many don’t.

We are working professionals with complementary skill sets and backgrounds. We have all been affected in some way by the pain and anguish that alcoholism and addiction brings.  We move forward knowing that we are all in this together, and hope these projects make a difference.

Community is Important

Many of us drive projects from our own experience for which we have unique insights and compassions. We believe STRONGLY in community and can see very clearly that little can be accomplished alone!  We created Upendo to help fund, evangelize, and expose, best of breed technology that addresses our society’s most difficult issues.

One Step at a Time

Our first contribution is a concerted effort to bring a powerful, robust, relapse prevention app to market. Millions of people, have either been directly affected by or struggling with alcohol and chemical dependency issues. It will take passion, technology, and a strong community to help humanity break free from addiction.

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Being in recovery comes with challenges unique to the individual.

Thomas StevensFounder