Absorb Our Core Values

At Upendo we believe strongly that if an individual or organization acts boldly, unseen forces will come to their aid! This is particularly true when there is a common effort and especially as it relates to the betterment of humanity. Energy is required to propel things properly and when directed by solid core values, this energy can be immensely powerful. We direct energy appropriately with intent in an all-inclusive manner. Our core values help guide us down a solid path of morality in addition to making certain those we align with are like-minded. We feel the tighter we keep these values, the more direct our energy can be distributed. Please take a moment to stop and reflect on these. Don’t be shocked if you feel something while you read. That’s us making a difference!

Please join us. 

Core Values

  • Socially Conscious Technology, Organization & People
  • (We will NOT push irresponsible tech into the world)
  • Best Practices | Evidence-based
  • (what’s proven to work works)
  • Develop Cutting-Edge Technology
  • (Staying ahead of the curve)
  • Continuous Learning & Self-Improvement
  • (This is how our vision was born)
  • Immersion in the Collective Intelligence | Conscious
  • (Sit quietly and reflect, you’ll feel our intentions and we invite you to join us)
  • Continually Refer, Reflect, and Embrace These Values!
  • (Continual process improvement)